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The story started on one fine day in a VietIndochina-designed hotel in Saigon after a prominent art exhibition, three girls who are at the mid of their careers aspired and determined to start their own foundation. The question was: Why we do this? What it takes to become an art exhibitor or collector and the likes? What inspires us to do something differently the thing that many established organizations have done quite successfully? 

We stopped to think. And it did not take long for us to all agree to the one thing that answered to all those questions above. The love for arts. One of us had already collected paintings for a few years, one had inherited the legacy of antiques and art collections from their family, one had none but the curiosity for paintings – one of the most significant subdivisions of the arts.

From that aha moment, things moved quite swiftly. 

To put it simply, we are three woman art-enthusiasts who aspire to become the link between past and future in the long-standing art scene, not only from Vietnam but also other main cultural sites of the world. 

Our ambitions are counted on our existing collections of the old masters from the French colonial times and the future acquisitions from the contemporary artists.

We constantly listen to one another to improve ourselves everyday, and also to the market so as not to be missed any breath of the arts. This cannot be done without diligence, honesty and sincerity when embarking on this journey.  

Let see what these three women can do…

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